Unter dem Motto „Antipasti“ stellt eine Studierendengruppe auf der internationalen Designmesse „Salone del Mobile“ / „Salone Satellite“ vom 18. bis 23. April 2007 in Mailand acht Projekte aus dem Fachbereich Design einem internationalen Publikum vor.

Die Studierendenarbeiten sind alle unabhängig voneinander innerhalb des vergangenen Jahres entstanden und streifen alle das Thema „Speisen“. Die Exponate reichen unter anderem von einem wissenschaftlichen Kurzfilm über die Mikrowelle, einem illustrierten Kinderbuch über einen Puddinglöffel, dem Corporate Design einer ägyptischen Kaffeehauskette bis zu einer sich in italienischer Produktion befindenden Essig- und Ölflasche.

Die Projekte versuchen die Vielfalt der vier Arbeitsschwerpunkte am Fachbereich Design (Kommunikations-, Produkt-, Mediendesign und Illustration) zu repräsentieren und sollen als Appetithäppchen (Antipasti) helfen, den Bekanntheitsgrad des Fachbereichs weiter zu erhöhen. Betreuung Prof. Steffen Schulz

Messe Mailand:, Halle 22 – 24 Stand D 17.

Designprojekt — Chardia Budiman, Anna Buller, Tatjana Dau, Elke Eßmann, Julika Fastabend, Meike Heider, Julia Hilger, Debbie Holler, Lea Hubrich, Fabian Kraft, Sarah Lüffe, Julia Morosow, Sabrina Overbeck, Anke Pohl, Stefanie Ramsel und Mareike Teiwes — Wintersemester 2006/07

Student projects

The technique of cooking (Graphic Design)

Elisabeth Schwarz

„The technique of cooking” is a masterpiece of information design. It gives a global view of the handicraft of cooking, the working processes and tools for a successful practice. Besides studying graphic design, the student worked as a professional cook in a vegetarian restaurant.

MISR Café (Graphic Design)

Kathrin Böhlke / Sina Chakoh / Selin Estroti / Sebastian Kösters

The redesign for the egyptian coffee company MISR Cafe was developed during a cross cultural CI course. The target of the course was to create a design concept that would be successful in Eastern and Western countries. The packaging and the other medium used are bilingual. The motto „flavour your friendship” defines the company’s values.

Incalculable (Media Design)

Christian Bobeth / Benny Zurek

„Incalculable“ is an animated exploration of numbers. It is presented as a step-by-step evolution into a world of darkness, leading to a subtle invasion of light and colour. The animation plays with counterpoints: noises versus music, black and white versus colours, mechanical versus organic.

The microwave oven (Media Design)

Marco Jeuring

„The microwave oven” is a short animated fi lm that describes the functionality of a microwave oven. Not only the function is explained but also who invented it and under which coincidental circumstances the functions were discovered.

DISKUS – Oil and vinegar bottle (Product Design)

Magnus Brock

Together with five other well known European universities, our university was asked to participate in a competition organised by the Italian glass bottle manufacturer Vetrerie Bruni. The aim was to design new industrial glass bottles for oil / vinegar and for wine and liquor. The bottle „Diskus”, a project of our Design department is now in production.

Nux LED light (Product Design)

Stefanie Gogolla

NUX is waterproof and has a simple and longlife technology, with an ergonomic and easily recognisable shape. It is switched on by squeezing it and it is so small that it fits in any pocket to have it ready in any case. It lights up handbags to fi nd keys without rummaging, or the candy bowl during a movie to find favourite sweets in the dark.

GIRO Apple slicer (Product Design)

Jessica Battram / Christina Schäfer

„Giro” is a stainless steel apple slicer, which cuts the apple into spirals. It was awarded with the Red
Dot 2006 design award. „Giro” is currently produced and sold by the company Seibel Designpartner GmbH.

The pudding spoon (Illustration)

Christoph Mett

His spoon is missing. This is his beloved spoon, which has accompanied him for more than half of his life. And this happened on a very important day. Christoph Mett wrote and drew this story during a course organised together with our partner universities in Seoul and Tokyo. The theme of this course was „families”. The swiss company „Atlantis” published this story in 2006.

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