Disposable Razor Packaging – Razor Dispenser

Our razor dispenser is a simple folded box that covers only the heads and blades of the razor while still providing hygienic and safety precautions.

In the store our package hangs horizontally, stacking con- secutively on top of each other. This allows the consumer to view the product and necessary information, while still requir- ing little shelf space. We also adapted our original 10 razor packaging to hold 5 razors, this significantly decreased the amount of material required.

Once at home the package can be stood on one end and eas- ily opened by the sticker seal and provided perforations. This turns our package into a dispenser that can be placed on the shelf by the sink, or in the cupboard.

There is also the option to hang the package vertically on a small hook in the consumers home, with a perforated hole that was once covered by the sticker seal. The dispenser pro- vides easy accessibility and organization of the razor which helps protect them.

With the knowledge that two billion disposable razors are thrown away each year we realize that the environmental impact goes beyond the packaging. Replacing the current plastic bag with a significantly smaller paper packaging is the first of many steps towards reducing waste caused by disposable razors.

Designprojekt — Sarah Redlich, Mikayla Just, Magdalena Schmitz, Alejandro Don Flores — Wintersemester 2019/20

Entwickelt im Rahmen des Verpackungsdesign­wettbewerbs Better with Less – Design Challenge 2019-2020

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Third Place

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