Reload allows the storage and sorting of full and empty batteries in the same package. On the top of the package, the user can take out the needed amount of batteries and reinsert them on the bottom when they become empty. This eliminates the need for a special box for empty batter- ies. A red paper strip helps to seperate full and empty batteries in a visual way.

The concept can apply to different sizes and types of batteries, as an example we created a package for type AAAA batteries.

The package is made completely out of paper to avoid plastics and different material combinations. That simplifies the seperation of waste and the recycling process.

Designprojekt — Franziska Prior, Oliver Ricker, Hamzeh Za’balawi und Marcel Diedrich — Wintersemester 2019/20

Entwickelt im Rahmen des Verpackungsdesign­wettbewerbs Better with Less – Design Challenge 2019-2020

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Student Winner Award

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